A butterfly settles on a leaf near a pink blossom


Enjoy stunning images taken by Kings Park Guides

A sanctuary in the heart of the city for a mesmerising array of flora and fauna

  • Discover Kings Park

    Kings Park Guides offer walks each day.
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  • Walks by Request

    Companies and groups often choose customised walks with a particular theme and time for a small fee.
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  • Themed walks

    Special themed walks are offered at certain times of the year to coincide with particular events or seasons.
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  • Bushland and wildflowers

    In the Noongar seasons of Djilba and Kambarang (late winter and early spring) the bushland plants provide a wonderful display of colourful and unique flowers, providing an ideal time to take a guided walk on the Nature Trail.
    Bushland and wildflowers Image
  • Heart of the Park

    From July to October Guides offer a weekly walk through the Bushland, which takes about three hours.
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  • Water Views and Wilderness

    Longer walks that include Swan River views and bushland are offered during the late winter and spring.
    Water Views and Wilderness Image