Festive flora blooming

Red is the colour of the Noongar season of Birak. Red is also the dominant colour at Christmas not just in decorations! Plants flowering red abound in the Botanic Garden at this time of year.

Visitors viewing redflowering plants will receive the added Christmas gift of spotting birds, as the colour red attracts birds to pollinate them.

Kings Park Volunteer Guides suggest these favourite redflowering plants for visitors to the Botanic Garden to enjoy:

Beaufortia aestiva ablaze with clusters of brilliant red flowers this plant is aptly named aestiva which means summer.

Redflowering gum look out also for vibrant orange and soft pink flowering varieties of this iconic Western Australian tree.

Fuchsia mallee striking bright red flower buds hang on this compact tree like bell ornaments. When the flower opens clusters of yellow stamens provide great contrast.

Yulbaha Kimberley tree laden with redcoloured flowers whose nectar attracts birds of all sizes.

Onesided bottlebrush – an eye-catching plant as its attractive flowers line up along one side of the plant’s stem. Honeyeaters love it.

Woollybush – an alternative Christmas Tree as this shrub has silvery green, velvet soft leaves. Look closely as its small bright red flowers are tucked away.

Mottlecah – boasting the largest flower of any Australian eucalypt this spreading mallee is truly spectacular.

To find out where they are just pop into the Visitor Information Centre and our Guides will provide you with a map and directions.