Kings Park Guides will be offering a themed walk to celebrate Botanic Gardens Day on 26 May. The walk will introduce you to the botanical wonders of the state of Western Australia and its exploration by Europeans.

This year marks the ninth Botanic Gardens Day in Australia and New Zealand. The day is co-ordinated by a not for profit body called Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand. You can view their website here.

Botanic Gardens Day aims to highlight the important role of plants in our lives and the contribution that botanic gardens make in plant research and conservation. There are many events being held across the country which you can find here.

Our themed walk begins in the southwest, a region where the high concentration of rare and endangered plant species makes it a Global Biodiversity Hotspot. You will then travel north through the mallee, mulga and desert regions of WA, right up to the rugged ranges and beautiful coastlines of the Kimberley, home of the famous boabs.

Along the way you will learn about the uniqueness of WA’s flora. Be immersed in our state’s history, geography, and climate. Meet some colourful characters that were amongst the earliest European explorers, surveyors, and botanists who played a role shaping this amazing state.

Book on Eventbrite here to join us on this fascinating walk. It will be run twice at 9.45 am and 12.45 pm on 26 May.

Why not make a day of it and go to the Friends of Kings Park plant sale on the same day! Or join one of our free, twice daily Discover Kings Park guided walks (10 am and 1 pm).