Discover the wonders of Australia's largest genus of flowering plants, the Acacias.

Your Kings Park Guides will lead you on a walk that will take you through the Botanic Garden to the Acacia Garden where some of our state’s most fascinating acacias are showcased. See acacias from many regions, from the south, to the Mulga and up to the Kimberley, and hear about some quite unexpected characteristics. Learn about the remarkable adaptations that have allowed these plants to survive in a wide range of conditions from earliest times. They are resilient, quick growing and showy and have a great diversity in size and shape. Not only do the flower put on a spectacular show, you will be surprised by a variety of amazing seed pods.

Like many plants, pollination is by bees, beetles and birds but the story of the relationship between acacias and ants is intriguing.

Discover the amazing art work at the Acacia Steps and the species growing alongside them that represent the evolution of the Acacias.

Yellow wattle plant