Discover the beauty of our flowering eucalypts Image

Discover the beauty of our flowering eucalypts

Join one of our knowledgeable and passionate volunteer Guides to explore the Botanic Gardens and find a dazzling variety of photogenic eucalyptus flowers.
Explore the highlights of Kings Park with our Guides Image

Explore the highlights of Kings Park with our Guides

Enjoy glorious views of Perth and the Swan River and see some of the unique plants and birds of Western Australia in the Botanic Gardens.

Guided walks by request

Customised guided walks are available for community, workplace or tour groups (10 or more people) with specific requirements, such as preferred time or special interest.

Tim giving a guided tour and pointing at something in the distance

Visitor information

Our friendly and knowledgeable Guides can help you plan a visit to Kings Park and the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

The Kings Park Visitor Information Centre building features signage and large floral images painted over its front entrance

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  • Bunuru

    Bunuru is the hottest time of the year with little to no rain. Hot easterly winds continue with a cooling sea breeze most afternoons – if you’re close to the coast.
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  • Discover Kings Park

    Kings Park Guides offer walks each day.
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  • Flowers

    Beautiful and unique flower species are one of the highlights of Kings Park, sourced from all parts of Western Australia.
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Two volunteer guides smile while standing next to a sign that advertises free guided walks at Kings Park

Learn about the Guides

Kings Park Volunteer Guides assist visitors by staffing the Visitor Information Centre and leading guided walks in the Botanic Garden and bushland of Kings Park.